Sunday, 31 July 2016

Important days [General Awareness]

Here is a list of important days which you must memorise.


1-Jan Global Family Day
9-Jan NRI Day
10-Jan World Laughter Day
12-Jan National Youth Day
15-Jan Army Day(India)
25-Jan National Voters Day
25-Jan National Tourism Day
26-Jan India’s Republic Day, International Customs Day
30-Jan Martyrs’ Day; World Leprosy Eradication Day

4-Feb World Cancer Day
13-Feb World Radio day
20-Feb World Day of Social Justice
21-Feb International Mother Language Day
22-Feb World Scout Day
28-Feb National Science Day

4-Mar World Day for the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation
8-Mar International Women’s Day
15-Mar World Consumer Rights Day
16-Mar National Vaccination Day
21-Mar World Forestry Day
22-Mar World Water Day
23-Mar World Meteorological Day/ World Earth Day
24-Mar World TB Day

7-Apr World Health Day
17-Apr World Haemophilia Day
18-Apr World Heritage Day
21-Apr National Civil Services Day
22-Apr Earth Day
25-Apr World Malaria Day
26-Apr World Intellectual Property Day
29-Apr International Dance Day

1-May International Labour Day
3-May Press Freedom Day; World Asthma Day
May, 2nd Sunday - Mothers Day
8-May World Red Cross Day
11-May National Technology Day
12 May International Nurses Day
14-Mar World Migratory day
17-May World Telecommunication Day
21-May Anti-Terrorism day
22-May International Day for Biological Diversity
24-May Commonwealth Day
28-May World Hunger Day
31-May Anti-tobacco Day

5-Jun World Environment Day
June, 3rd Sunday Father’s Day
8-Jun World Ocean Day
12-Jun World Day against Child Labour
14-Jun World Blood Donor Day
20-Jun World Refugee Day
21-Jun World Music Day
23-Jun International Olympic Day
27-Jun International Diabetes Day

1-Jul Doctor’s Day
11-Jul World Population Day
12-Jul Malala Day
18-Jul Nelson Mandela International Day
August 1st Sunday International Friendship Day
6-Aug Hiroshima Day
6-Aug Organ Donation Day
7-Aug Forgiveness Day
8-Aug World Senior Citizen’s Day
9-Aug Quit India Day, Nagasaki Day
12-Aug International Youth Day
19-Aug Photography Day
29-Aug National Sports Day

5-Sep Teachers’ Day
5-Sep International day of charity
8-Sep International Literacy Day (UNESCO),
14-Sep Hindi Diwas
15-Sep Engineers’ Day
16-Sep World Ozone Day
22-Sep Rose Day (Welfare of cancer patients)
27-Sep World Tourism Day
29-Sep World Heart Day

1-Oct International Day for the Elderly
2-Oct Gandhi Jayanthi; International Day of Nonviolence
4-Oct World Animal Welfare Day
8-Oct Indian Air Force Day
9-Oct World Post Office Day
16-Oct World Food Day
24 Oct UN Day; World Polio Day

17-Nov National Journalism Day
19-Nov Citizens’ Day, World Toilet Day, National Integration Day
21-Nov World Television Day; World Fisheries day
26-Nov Constitution Day

1-Dec World AIDS Day
2-Dec World Computer literacy Day
3-Dec World Day of the Handicapped
4-Dec Indian Navy Day
7-Dec Armed Forces Flag Day; International Civil Aviation Day
10-Dec Human Rights Day; Intl. Children’s Day of Broadcasting
14-Dec World Energy Day
22-Dec National Mathematics Day
23-Dec Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day) (India)

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Strategy to tackle New CGL pattern

We all know CGL has changed the pattern of CGL. But since the syllabus is as it is, you shouldn't bother much about the change...

Just keep few things in mind before entering the examination hall-

  1. Give some quality mock tests (paramount is good) to get accustomed with the online world. If you have given bank/insurance exams earlier then you don't need to bother.
  2. The new pattern has reduced the number of questions drastically (exactly half), but the time given to attempt the paper has not been halved. Result? This time you won't face issues in completing the paper on time (provided you have good practice).
  3. But there is a down side to this. The weightage of each question has increased and as a result the negative marking has increased to 0.5 marks. This suggests that accuracy would be a big game changer this time. A silly mistake will make you lose 2.5 marks and these are enough to knock you off the list.
  4. Only 25 questions for GS - some thing to cheer about for all the people with GS-phobia. Instead of covering each section partially, try to read selective sections completely. Finish History, Economics and Polity from Lucent. You can skip Science and Geography because they are vast and you can never be sure what questions would be asked from these two sections.
  5. Make your own order of attempting the question paper based on your strengths and weaknesses. I had written an article about it few months back. Check it here-
    How to attempt Tier-1 question paper
  6. I hope you have gone through the SSC Hack book, now is the time to give as many mock tests as possible. Don't give much time to unproductive sections like GS, clock, calendar, number system, etc.
Don't think the process ha changed. It is just a tweak. If you have done the hard work, there is no stopping you...

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Sorry for the long absent...Let the hacks begin :)

It has come to my notice that some unscrupulous souls are misusing my name and "SSC Hacks" tag to fool innocent candidates. They are selling cheap mock tests that are good for nothing. I hereby warn the candidates to stay away from such blogs, facebook pages, etc.
These recent activities have forced me to create an official facebook page for our blog. Please like the below page to get timely updates about new hacks and tips

I will continue adding new tricks on the blog...

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